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Most experienced assistance provider in Singapore

Helping international insurers and TPAs manage global healthcare plans since 1996

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Priority Assistance

for your members in Singapore

Retain your members and attract more by ensuring they receive priority assistance and the best medical care while in Singapore:

Priority out-patient

and in-patient arrangements

Doctor house-calls, telemedicine

Patient accompaniment, car transfers, interpreters, etc.

All the medical and invoice information you need for assessment of coverage

97% healthcare providers

accept Ulink Assist's GOPs

Set up your Singapore provider network in 1 step and provide​ your members nationwide access to cash-less treatment in Singapore, including:

Singapore healthcare providers

Cost containment

Tap on our 20+ years of experience

Broad doctor & hospital network: choose treatment options that are cost-effective

We help review your invoices for unnecessary charges

Strong air ambulance relationships:

 best value on every case

Ensure that treatments are medically necessary, conditions are not pre-existing and charges are R&C

Ulink Assist's regional network


Office located at City Hall

since 1996

30+ selected private, restructured hospitals and clinic groups

Office located in KL

since 2012

129 selected hospitals

15+ cities (e.g. Johor, Malacca, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, etc)

Office located in Jakarta

since 2003

427 selected hospitals

49+ cities (e.g. Jakarta, Depok, Markasa etc)

Office located in downtown Yangon

since 2015

15 selected hospitals

15+ cities (e.g. Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw, etc)

Alternatively, help your members receive the

best medical care in Myanmar




Tel: +65 6835-0388


Emergencies/medical evacuations

24/7: +65 9773-9775

50 Armenian Street, Wilmer Place,

Unit 04-02, Singapore 179938

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Linda Siow

Tel: +65 6835-0388